Gate of India is a new name in the Calgary region,
it offers authentic East Indian cuisine. This is a family
restaurant where all age group of people are welcomed
to Dine-in, Take-out, Delivery, Lunch Buffet and Catering.

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Gate of India provides menu items incorporating quality ingredients at reasonable prices. Our management provides a unique and relaxing Dining, Take-out, Delivery and Catering services.

We will strive to achieve our goals of being mindful to the well being of our customers and staff- treating each and everyone with dignity and respect. Our purpose is to make our guests feel delighted by serving them our famous cuisines from India with an exclusive collection of wines with Indian music. We have a compact menu with many royal dishes which are only available in Gate of India.

Know Our Chef

Gate of India Restaurant is owned and operated by Kailash Raturi. Kailash Raturi is a well experienced and famous chef in Calgary since 2003. He belongs from North India (Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand) and has around 25 years experience in customer, food service and catering as well as restaurant business experience. Kailash Raturi has vast knowledge of catering and restaurant business. He has helped many East Indian Restaurant owners in Calgary for their opening and menu planning. He improved the East Indian and Hakka cuisine food in Calgary. The majority of East Indian chef are from Uttarakhand.

Chef Kailash Raturi has made his own recipies and he has many famous and well known dishes that he has put on his menu.



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